Super Unified Theory

Unification of All Particle and Forces of Nature


“Finally releasing images of Photon, Electron, Positron, Neutrino, Proton and Neutron through Super Unified Theory”

A single theory, “Super Unified theory” by Abhijit Thakur

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The Theory can explain everything, from classical physics to relativity, from standard model to God particle, from gravitation to nuclear force, from magnetism to electric fields, from electromagnetic radiation to thermodynamics of universe, from cosmic cycle to intricacies of galactic activities, from structure of universe to structure of elementary particle.
“Super unified theory” has answers for everything debated along the centuries in field of physics, astronomy, particle physics and universe. Do you want to know?
What is the structure of photon and their process Genesis?
What is the structure of electromagnetic radiation and how are they produced in Universe?
What is the structure electron and location of site of their electric activity on its body?
How particle to wave transformation occurs in Universe?
What is the structure of positron, neutrino, proton, and neutron?
What are the representatives of magnetic field and electric field lines in at the level of structure of individual particle?
Do we have a nuclear configuration representing electron configuration in nucleus?
How was Universe before Big Bang?
What is the structure of Universe and reason for its expansion?
What is the definition of cosmic cycle?
What is the origin of all forces and how gravity is applied?
Then you have got it all. Unbelievable but true, everything is decoded in most simplistic manner
Abhijit Thakur