Super Unified Theory, Paperback is out

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In fact what peer reviewed journals could not do for century has been done outside it. Research could not be bound by limits.
Formation of photon and it’s structure to formation and functioning of galaxies, stars and black holes,  like this (70) seventy discoveries are incorporated in the book ” super unified theory”
I would be glad to send complimentary section  once I release  pictorial summary of super unified theory. It will use only 5 minutes of reading time.  Find it yourselves, isn’t it my statement is correct!
We must come out of our limits and boundaries, if we want to grow beyond Einstein and Highs boson, in sense of progressing in fundamental physics.
Dr Abhijit Thakur
Author, Super Unified Theory

Finally a single theory, “Super Unified theory” by Abhijit Thakur, which can explain everything, from classical physics to relativity, from standard model to God particle, from gravitation to nuclear force, from magnetism to electric fields, from electromagnetic radiation to thermodynamics of universe, from cosmic cycle to intricacies of galactic activities, from structure of universe to structure of elementary particle.
“Super unified theory” has answers for everything debated along the centuries in field of physics, astronomy, particle physics and universe.

Dr Abhijit Thakur